Friday, August 2, 2013

The Tower of Serpents, via Dungeon World

When our usual weekly Pathfinder game was cancelled, I had a chance to run Dungeon World face to face for the 1st time... and I ran the Fate Core adventure The Tower of Serpents.  It's a great adventure and it gave them a chance to play non-good characters, which is something different for these players.  We had a Thief, Ranger, Anti-Paladin, and Druid for the party. 

In case you don't know the adventure, three powerful individuals each demand that the PCs steal the Idol of Hellaq from the Tower of Serpents and bring it to them.  I ran the negotiations in flashbacks, and added 2 questions for each player to answer, such as "You've met the captain of the guard before, how do you know her?"  I won't spoil the adventure, but surprising rolls led to changes here and there, and the party played the 3 sides very well... in fact, they ended up selling the idol 3 times and getting all 3 promised rewards!  There were some hilarious moments, and everyone seemed to have a great time.  Hopefully I'll get a chance to run it again, and maybe even have them try Fate Core rules some time, not just an adventure for it. 

We rolled up characters, taught them the rules, and got through the entire adventure in 1 night, about 4 hours altogether.  There were 4 full battles, at least 6 negotiation sessions, and several traps to bypass.  That's pretty amazing, it really felt like it moved along very well, even faster in person than it has on the Hangout games I've played.  They wanted to level up after the game and were talking about how to spend all that loot.