Friday, July 26, 2013

The Character Sheet

Above is the character sheet for Hand of Fate: Steam and Sorcery.  You'll notice the changes in Stress and Consequences which I already discussed, as well as the organizing of skills under 4 Modes, one for each card suit.  One of the most obvious changes, however, is the lower left corner for Boosts.

Boosts are represented by 3 different colors of poker chips:  White is a +2, Red is a +3, and Blue is a +5.  They are printed on the character sheet so that a player can see how many of each color may be played by laying their Boost chip on the life-sized chip slot on the sheet.  The first slot accepts all 3 colors, the 2nd slot only accepts red and white, and the last slot only accepts white.  This means the maximum total that can be added by Boosts is +10 (5+3+2).  If you only had white Boosts, you could add +6.  Boosts are always declared before you draw random cards, and an additional Boost chip of any color (whether you played 0, 1, 2, or 3 chips for flat bonuses) may be discarded for a special ability... you may draw 3 cards on the random draw and choose which 2 you'd like to keep for the test.  That gives you at least a little control over what your cards will be.

So, how do you get these various colored chips?  White chips are the most common, and you get them for ties, inflicting a Mild Consequence, and when you succeed by 1-4 points on a Create Advantage test.  Generally, if you are simply awarded a Boost for something, it's a White chip.  If you Succeed with Style on Create Advantage, you also get a 2nd chip, which is always White.  You can get a Red chip 2 ways:  Inflict a Moderate Consequence, or Succeed by 5-9 on a Create Advantage test.  You can get a Blue chip by inflicting a Serious or Extreme Consequence, or by succeeding by 10+ on a Create Advantage test. 

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